Technical Notes


It is a number of years since the club published  "Notes on the Maintenance and Overhaul of the Velocette L.E. Model" . These notes were presented in a  ring binder and compiled by Dave Rix, our past Technical Secretary, and when  used with the workshop manuals, proved to be invaluable for restoration and servicing work on all L.E. models.

The committee decided to release a limited number of photocopies of these notes (less binder) which can be purchased from Dennis Frost the Club Historian. Details can be obtain from his "Historians Notes" in number 429 of the O.T.L. magazine.

However "Notes on the Maintenance and Overhaul of the Velocette L.E. Model" have now been successfully digitized and are available to all members for perusal and use free of charge through this web site.

The Notes are split into sections as follows:-


1)    Introduction


2)    History


3)    Engine


4)    Reduction Gear Starter and Clutch


5)    Gearbox Rear Fork and Final Drive


6)    Fuel System


7)    Frame Radiator and Exhaust


8)    Suspension Wheels and Brakes


9)    Electrical


10)  Miscellaneous


The notes are digitized in PDF format for which an Adobe Acrobat reader will be required. This is available free and can be downloaded from a lot of web sites or from below.

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